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Bamburi its a Portuguese brand that sell unique footwear for all genders! This brand has a very high demand and their products are made with the best materials you can find.

Check it at www.bamburifashion.com

We are currently developing marketing campaigns for this company and recently they have won a big recongition of 2017.

For this branding we use simple, minimalist and clean design. The entire website and photography was developed by us.

Designed for all devices.

Designed for all devices.

When an user interact with apps or websites, he have a particular goal. And usually, the less effort we spend on achieving this goal, the better is the experience.

So this is a responsive website, designed to look good in all devices. At Perto we start the webdesign process by designing for mobile devices to create an experience for the users.

After the design for mobile is done, we develop the design for desktop. This is how we provide a better service to our customers.