Artistic Skating World Cup

Pavilhão Multiusos de Paredes

30 de maio a 4 junho


This is the second semi-final of the Artistic World Cup, 2022. This competition, which consists of several circuits divided by continents – a competitive format based on opens – includes two semi-finals in Europe (Italy and Portugal), a semi-final in Paraguay and, the final, will be in Germany.
The skaters will compete in the Freeskating, Pairs, Solo Dance and Couple Dance categories, from Cadet to Senior levels. The Show and Precision groups compete only in the final.



Skating Cup

Pavilhão Multiusos de Paredes


Skating Cup

Pavilhão Multiusos de Paredes


Skating Cup

Pavilhão Multiusos de Paredes


Skating Cup

Pavilhão Multiusos de Paredes


Skating Cup

Pavilhão Multiusos de Paredes

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Paredes is located in the northern region of Portugal, in the district of Oporto and is part of one of the most scenically interesting regions in Portugal, named Vale do Sousa. Having sports as a strong focus, the city has been especially active concerning Roller Skating, by hosting major events such as the Artistic Skating Cup of Europe or the Rick Hockey European Championships (Seniors, U-19, U-17).


International Airport Francisco Sá Carneiro

Airport Code for Travel Agents: OPO

Distance to Venue: 37 km

Travel Time: 26 mins by car


International Airport Humberto Delgado

Airport Code for Travel Agents: LIS

Distance to Venue: 330 km

Travel Time: 3 hr by car

Land borders

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What to see

Paredes is a picturesque rural area with vine-covered hills and farmhouses. The Romanesque Route crosses the region, where you can see monuments from the medieval period such as churches and ruins of a castle.

São Pedro do Mosteiro de Cete Church

It is distinguished by the quadrangular tower similar to a fortress. It is a national monument and a must see on the Romanesque Route of Vale do Sousa.

Casa de Cultura de Paredes

Extravagant palace built in the 19th century. In 1997 it was transformed into a cultural centre with an auditorium, open-air amphitheatre, and temporary art exhibitions.

Quinta da Aveleda

Wine estate with lovely gardens with fountains, waterfalls, and a set of monuments. You can taste some green wines and cheeses, produced on the farm.

Senhora do Salto Water Cannon

The Sousa river waters cut a gorge through the stone. These are some of the oldest rocks in the Iberian Peninsula.


Chalé Confort Hotel

Rua Central de Vandoma, nº 554
4585-766 Vandoma
+351 224 110 347 | +351 224 156 444
+351 937 971 346


Paredes Hotel Apartamento

Rua Almeida Garrett, 73
4580-038 Paredes
+351 255 780 490


Paredes Design Hotel PH, Lda

Rua Central de Mouriz
4580-597 Mouriz
+351 255 781 521/2/3


Meu Hotel Porto Gandra

Rua Central de Gandra, nº 1460
4585-116 Gandra
+ 224 156 282 / +351 925 801 998



Paredes have delicious delicacies to offer to all who come to visit. Oven roasts are traditional, especially the lamb roasted in a wood-fired oven accompanied with rice. Dry soup is a traditional desert from the northern region, made with bread, cinnamon, sugar, and mint.

A Gruta

Av. da República, 114
4580-193 Paredes
+351 255 776 162

Adega do Pacheco

Trav. de S. José, 71
4580-113 Paredes
+351 911 037 587

Adega Regional O Verde

Rua S. Sebastião, n.º 312
4585-212 Gandra
+351 224 155 550


Rua da Cêpeda, 614 r/c, n.º 61
4580-073 Paredes
+351 255 395 356

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