Branding & Webdesign

Lugcare is a platform for Luggage Storage headquartered in Portugal. In the early-stage, a startup’s brand is a reflection of the founder’s ethos, values and beliefs.  This is why it was important to understand their personal identity and the events that have occurred to shape their identity.

In this project, the conceptualization of branding emerged with the objective of creating friendly communication and linking the ideals of baggage security and facilitating the life of tourists. As for the typography developed, this was adequate to the communication used in google maps so that, at first impression, there was an association of the logo with the work sector (trips).

Our ideal work model it’s that everything should be made as simple as possible but not simpler. That is what defines us.

Logo design

A logo needs to be more than just stunning and unique. It’s your business conceptualized by design. From the first time a customer sees your logo, they need to automatically understand your values and mission. And most importantly be drawn to it!

At Perto, before any design work starts, we sit down with our clients to understand their business and purpose. Most companies understand their differentiator but miss the emotional motivators that drive their customers.

Our job as designers is to distill the essence of a brand into the shape and color that’s most likely to endure because visual appearance plays a critical part in forming a connection in our brains between what we experience and who we experience it with (the brand). In many respects, a company’s logo is akin to our loved ones’ faces.