Maskbox launched by our designer founders

Quoting NiT, “in the last two months, the two friends have sold 50 thousand units".


The brand Maskbox, launched by our designer founders, produces beautiful, practical and eco friendly mask wallets, finding a solution for those moments when you have to take the mask off momentainaly and you don’t know where to safely put it.

As you can read in NiT’s article (, Juca and Leonardo “initiated the process with plastic, but quickly decided that they wanted to change it to cork, when they realised there was acceptance in the market. Now you can find in the website multiple hand made choices produced with this portuguese material, 100% natural, recyclable and renovable”.

Juca, Perto’s co-founder and designer, ads that the cork accessories get an “biodegradable waterproofing solution that makes them resistant to humidity, liquids and dusts”. The “maskboxes” are available in 4 cork tones – natural, “taco”, dark blue and brown – and, in the case of the plastic accessories, in multiple colours. You can buy them online in or in seeling points at Norteshopping, Arrábida Shopping, Via Catarina and Shopping Bom Sucesso, all of them in Oporto.

Quoting NiT once again, “in the last two months, the two friends have sold 50 thousand units and want to start focusing on the launch of more sustainable products”. Stay tuned for more news!

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