Telling a story from inside to outside.

Bringing a century-old building back to life

Habitat 137 is a luxury building rehabilitated by the Architecture firm Pedra Líquida in the historic center of the city of Porto that will serve as exclusive local accommodation. As is typical of the city, the development has a central staircase lit by a huge skylight. It was the key element for the logo mark.

Through the skylight we created the logo with a contemporary language that matches the architecture of the building. The interior design of the building is in shades of gray and we have kept the same tones in the brand identity.

Perfect combination of shape and typography

A century-old building rehabilitated with contemporary architecture deserved a combination of a heavy serif font and a light, modern font. The balance of the form had to be supported by the font as well, and the final result was a perfect harmonization.

For this project we also developed all the brand stationery, from invitations, business cards, awnings, indoor and outdoor signage. We used color black to segment the brand’s target audience. Give us your feedback about this project.