E-commerce for a beverage distributor. You look like you need a drink! 🍾

A super platform that changes the course of a company

In this new era of the pandemic we were challenged to develop a platform for one of UNICER’s largest beverage distributors. The goal is to make it easier for companies to place their orders and generate as much important information to the supplier as possible!. Imagine that… all drinks in one place!

This platform is being developed to make the ordering method easier for companies and also to generate more detailed information to the supplier. Through a dashboard, our client will be able to analyse the traffic, frequency, preference and relevance of each customer.

From online orders to deep reports

This software is responsive to all platforms and has been developed to be user friendly. It generates very interesting data and adds real value to the business. On the other hand it also makes the shop experience more comfortable and interesting for the buyer.

The platform has the intelligence to understand the buying timings of its customers throughout the year in order to interact with them and optimize sales. Through reports the supplier will get to know the habits of its clients and what types of consumption.