Branding & Webdesign

Siteronic is a SEO company headquartered in Ukraine. As a company whose core business is 100% digital, we decided to use 8bit as the basic concept for designing their branding.

We have also developed the company’s website in a landing page format. With a sustainable and complete structure, we have developed this landing page with all the information related to the company, from its princing planes, service types and types of portfolio.

We use a very modern and clean language, creating a paradoxical communication regarding its branding.

User Experience

One of the most important pages for a web app business is the pricing plan page.

If users can’t see the value they’ll get by signing up, they won’t even think about giving you their money. In order to convert visitors into customers, you have to design a pricing table that makes your pricing plans appealing and that was the main goal of this project for Perto team.